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November 2015
Chathurthi - Nov 15
Chathurthi - Nov 28
Ekadasi - Nov 06
Krthigai - Nov 25
Full Moon - Nov 25
New Moon - Nov 10
Pradhosham-Nov 08,23
Sashti -Nov 16
Sravanam -Nov 17

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Welcome to Sri Siva Satyanārāyana Swāmi Temple!

  You have reached the Website of Canada’s newest Temple - Sri Siva Satya Nārāyanaswāmi Temple, located in the beautiful city of Mississauga in Ontario! The Kumbabhishékam of the Temple took place, in a consecration ceremony lasting for five days, on November 29, 2009, with the blessings of Pujya Sri Ravi Shankar, followed by 42 days of Mandala Pujā. The temple is consecrated with the Murthis of Sri Saundra Nāyaki samédha Sri Kailāsanāthar (Sri Sivā), Sri Lakshmiramā (Sri Mahā Lakshmi) samédha Sri Satyanārāyana Swāmi, Sri Ganesā, Sri Muruga, Ashta Bhuja (8-handed) Sri Durgā, Sri Guruvayurappan, Sri Anjaneyā, Sri Kāla Bhairavar and Navagrahās. All the Vigrahams installed in the temple are very exquisitely carved . Please see the Deities page for additional information.

  The unique feature of the temple is the self-contained 'Vision of Vedās' teaching school for those keen on learning Sāstrā and Vedās. Sri Chandrasekara Gurukkal, the founder of the temple, is an accomplished Vedic scholar, Priest and Teacher who has created a number of Vedic students in the GTA over the past several years. While there are plenty of temples in Toronto, there are no learning centres where one can learn Vedic recitation, rituals and Sastrās. The Canada Siva Satyanārāyana Swāmi Temple fills this void, and "Vision of Vedās" school is being created with the aim of teaching Sastras. We invite you to experience the ancient teaching tradition of India that has been in vogue for thousands of years. The speciality of the temple is that it caters to the needs of every segment of worshippers - like Saivam (worship of Siva), Vaishnavam (worship of Vishnu), Sowram (worship of Sun), Ganapathyam (worship of Ganesa) and Sāktham (worship of Sakthi).

   We hope to present, through these Web pages, as much detail as possible about the temple and the Deities consecrated therein, daily Pujā schedules as well as happenings of important events through photographs. You will be able to plan your next visit as well as send E-mails to the temple with your questions or suggestions.

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Important Events for this week

Date Day Event Time
22-11-2015 Sun Guruvayurappan Abhishékam 10:00 AM
Ānjanéyar Abhishékam  07:00 PM
23-11-2015 Mon Sri Sivan Rudra Abhishékam 07:00 PM
24-11-2015 Tue Sri Durgā Abhishékam07:00 PM
Murugan Abhishékam10:00 AM
26-11-2015 Thu Sri Dakshināmurthy Abhishékam  07:00 PM
27-11-2015 Fri Ganapathy Abhishékam 10:00 AM
 Lakshmi and Saundra Nāyaki Abhishékam 06:00 PM
28-11-2015 Sat Sri Satyanārāyanar Abhishékam  10:00 AM
29-11-2015 Sun Guruvayurappan Abhishékam 10:00 AM
Ānjanéyar Abhishékam  07:00 PM
30-11-2015 Mon Sri Sivan Rudra Abhishékam 07:00 PM

6th Anniversary Samvatsara Celebrations

Sri SivaSri Vishnu With the copious blessings of Lord Kailāsanāthar, Sri Satyanārāyana Swāmi and their Consorts and all our Devotees, our Temple has successfully completed six years since its inception. From a humble beginning, it has grown to modest size with full-time Priests to cater to the needs of the Temple and Devotees. To mark the occasion, we are pleased to inform you we will be celebrating the Anniversary spread over a 3-day period beginning on November 27, 2015. The special feature during this year's event will be the dedication of nine Silver Kalasams to the Deities in the temple.

The function includes Sri Mahā Ganapathi Hómam, Sri Rudra, Sri Sutharshana, Dhanvanthri Hómams, Abhishékams etc. On November 28th (Saturday) evening, there will be Sri Srinivasa Thirukkalyāna Uthsavam (Divine Wedding) of Perumāl with Thāyār.

The sponsorship details are as follows:

Silver Kalasam (each) $751.00
Sudarsana Homam $501.00
Maha Rudra Homam $501.00
Kalyana Utsavam$501.00
Perumal / Sivan Abhishekam $101.00
Annadanam $250.00
Perumal Thirukalyana Sankalpam $ 51.00

Would-be sponsors are kindly requested to contact the Temple office for making your bookings. We cordially request you all to participate with your friends and family on all three days and partake the blessings of Lord Kailāsanāthar and Lord Venkateswara, besides making the Anniversary function a grand success.

The full program schedule is as follows:

  • Nov 27 (Fri)
  • Nov 28 (Sat)
  • Nov 29 (Sun)

09.00 AM:      Sri Mahā Ganapathi Hómam

10.00 AM:      Sri Mahā Ganapathi Abhishékam & Pujā

11.00 AM:      Deepārādhanai

06.30 PM:      Special Pujā for Sri Mahā Lakshmi

07.00 PM:      Bharatha Nātyam Program

08.15 PM:      Dedication of Silver Kalasams for Deities, Deepārādhanam & Āseervādham

07.30 AM:      Suprabhātham

08.30 AM:      Sankalpam, Vishvaksena Āarādanai, Punyāhavāchanam, Sri Sudharsana
                        Dhanvantri Kalasa Āvāhanam, Homam, Poornāhuthi

10.00 AM:      Thirumanjanam (Abhishékam) & Pujā

10.30 AM:      Kalasābhishekam

11.30 AM:      Thiruvārādhanai

12.00 PM:      Deepārādhanam & Prasādham distribution

06.00 PM:      Sri Srinivāsa Kalyāna Uthsavam

07:30 AM         Vigneswara Pujā, Punyāhavāchanam, Panchkavyam, Kalasa Pujā

08:30 AM         Ekadasa Rudra Pārāyanam, Sri Rudra Homam, Mahānyāsam

11:30 AM         Moolavar Abhishekam, Kalaasabhishekam

12.30 PM         Upachāra Pujā & Prasādham distribution

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